How to Use Fear As a Form of Motivation

Do you procrastinate because you feel fear of rejection, pitfalls and failure while pursuing your goals or life purpose. Fear not as this article shows you how you can use fear to motivate yourself, accomplishing your burning desires.

Here are several tips:

1) Say, for instance, you are attracted to a lady in the office. But you feel fear of rejection. It just requires a mind shift. Think of how happy the lady would be if you ask her out on a date. Think of a bright future ahead. Plan on how you can entice that lady. Work on it and it becomes a game of life, winning her victoriously in the end, which is very motivating indeed!

2) As another example, you want a raise in your job in which you have been punctual, committed and dedicated. You feel you deserve a raise but you cannot proceed with it because you fear that there will be pitfalls in the relationship with your boss. Gradually tune into positive thoughts. If you go through a valid and rational replay of the work you have done, think positively how you can influence your boss to your way of thinking. Will it need a lot of work? If yes, how much. Plan on everything. You get busy in a benign way and you feel the motivation instead of fear to win over your boss to give you a raise. Isn’t that great?

3) You have to offer a presentation for a conference. You are nervous and fear the mishaps that can happen. You might get stuck and forget what you wanted to say. You might drop something on the stage. Stop sabotaging yourself. Turn the fear of failure to loving the presentation that you will offer at the conference. Think how your voice will be heard and how much your research work that you will be presenting will be appreciated. Everything will be cool and set on the stage. Accidents cease to happen. You rehearse your presentation and edit it better and better with the help of your fellow mates and supervisor. In the end you cannot wait to present at the conference. You are highly motivated.

These three scenarios help you to see the real picture. When you feel fear for something, face it right upfront and tune into positive mental attitude. Nothing will go wrong that way. This is how you can turn around timid fear to gratifying clash royale free gems no human verification motivation for any task – you just name it.

Rosina S Khan has authored this article, exemplifying how you can get yourself to do the stuff triumphantly that you once feared dreadfully.